2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Ringo Starr

As we get closer to the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, I’ll share short and sweet profiles of the inductees and some lesson ideas. Bookmark it.

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Springing to fame as the final piece to The Beatles, Starr added personality to the group and put them over the top. That funny personality bled into the songs he performed for the group, too, which were on the lighter side. After the Beatles broke up, he had a commercially successful solo career in the 1970s before any of the rest of the group landed on their feet and joined the other members of the Beatles on their solo efforts, as well. He continues to tour and record, forming his All-Starr Band in the 1990s. While most don’t put him on the same level musically as his counterparts, Rolling Stone named him the fifth-greatest drummer of all-time and he now is the final member of the group to go in as a solo artist.


“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles
His most famous singing turn with the Fab Four, it’s a lighthearted romp for children according to the group. It’s what he’s best known for to casual listener.

His first number one song as a solo artist came in 1973 and was co-written by Beatles guitarist George Harrison. It’s a song about a loved one who is gone and the only thing you have to remember them is the titular photograph. His performance of it at the memorial concert for Harrison is especially poignant.

“You’re Sixteen”
Starr enlisted another former Beatle – Paul McCartney – on this cover that became his only other number one song in the U.S. as the follow-up single to “Photograph.” There’s a kazoo solo so, that’s remarkable.

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2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Ringo Starr

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