iPad Music Camp: Day 1 curriculum

In our last blog post, we went through all the background info you will need to set up before you begin your own iPad music camp except the most important part – the content! Once you lay the groundwork, here’s what I taught to my kids that were just beginning on GarageBand.


Day 1

Welcome and Procedures (10 minutes):
-Bathroom, food and drink, general outline, getting iPads

Keyboard (25 minutes):
– Demonstrate playing the keyboard on the screen.
– Glissando vs. scroll
– Octave tool
– Scale button
– Arpeggio
– Split screen
– Five to 10 minutes to play around with that and ask questions

“Roar” (25 minutes):
– Play Katy Perry’s “Roar” Lyric Video on the SMART Board.
– Show them the two-note beyboard pattern for Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Here is some further help with playing “Roar” on GarageBand
– Show them quantization.
– Show them how to record.
– Show them how to edit.
– By end of segment, you need a clean 8 measures you can loop.

Edmodo (15 minutes):
– Demonstrate Edmodo account creation. (You’ll need to create your teacher account first.)
– Students create Edmodo account on iPads (app or website).

Reflection (15 minutes):
– Demonstrate Sound Recorder app.
– Demonstrate how to convert to mp3.
– Demonstrate how to share recordings to Edmodo.
– Have students reflect on the questions using Sound Recorder and upload their podcast to Edmodo:

  • What did you like about today?
  • What didn’t you like about today?
  • What were you good at?
  • What can you use more practice time or help on?
  • What is your next step?

Clean-up time (5 minutes):
– Students return iPads to their port and charge them. Pick up any trash and discard.


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iPad Music Camp: Day 1 curriculum

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