iPad Music Camp: Day 3 curriculum

After spending a lot of time laying the ground work for the rest of camp on Day 1, we finally started to build our first multi-track compositions on Day 2. In Day 3, we really get into the performing aspect as we continue to build our compositions and play together.


Day 3

Welcome and Review Procedures (2 minutes):

Drums (20 minutes):
– Demonstrate playing the Drum Set on the screen.
– Demonstrate playing the Drum Machine on the screen.
– Note: most percussion part have something steady and something that moves. Show the students some patterns and have them practice.
– Ten minutes to play around with that and ask questions

“Smoke on the Water” (10 minutes):
– Demonstrate a drum part.
– Students practice.
– Group perform.

“Roar” (20 minutes):
– Play 45 seconds of Katy Perry’s “Roar”.
– Discuss the drum part (steady quarters on hi-hat, rhythmic pulse on toms)
– Demonstrate how to play on both the drum machine and the drum set.
– By end of segment, a clean 8 measures of drum line along with the piano & lead parts from Days 1 & 2.
– Note: if student is having problems playing both rhythms at the same time, make it two tracks.

Loops (20 minutes):
– Show students how to explore loops.
– Instrument
– Genre
– Descriptors
– Adding multiple tracks.
– Playing in a new melody or part over the top of it.

Composition & Form (30 minutes):
– Discuss “Song Sections” and how to make your song longer using form.
– Listen to Katy Perry’s “Roar” and map out the sections together.
– The overall feel should stay the same, but there is a lot of wiggle room in that.
– Students work on their composition for the remainder of class.

Reflection (10 minutes):
– Have students reflect on the questions using Sound Recorder and upload their podcast to Edmodo.

  • What has been your biggest problem with the technology so far?
  • Now that we have spent some time composing, do you prefer performing or composing using Garage Band and why?
  • What do you need more help with from the instructor?

Clean-up time (5 minutes):
– Students return iPads to their port and charge them. Pick up any trash and discard.


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iPad Music Camp: Day 3 curriculum

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