iPad music camp: Day 4 curriculum

Traditionally, I have run my iPad Music camp during the first full week after school gets out which here in New York State means it’s the week preceding Independence Day. In my first year, July 4th was the Friday so camp ran Monday through Thursday. This year, to avoid the observed holiday, we ran Monday through Thursday (July 2nd). I like the four-day week, so Day 4 is the final day where students should leave with some completed products. (Review Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 here.)


Day 4

Welcome and Review Procedures (2 minutes):

“Roar” (15 minutes):
– Students have been recording the verse to Katy Perry’s “Roar” during camp. This is their chance to finalize editing it to make it perfect.
– Show students how to duplicate a section.
– Students duplicate section so you have four 8-measure sections.
– Export it to Voice Recorder
– Change it to mp3. (This is so teacher can play it in your web browser without downloading it.)
– Turn it in on Edmodo.

Loop-Based Composition (40 minutes):
– Finish your composition from Day 3.
– Take a screenshot in the “All Sections” view so I can see everything.
– Export it to Voice Recorder.
– Convert it to mp3.
– Upload mp3 and the screenshot from your camera album together on the same assignment.

“Smoke on the Water” (30 minutes):
– Show students the Jam session feature and how to connect via Bluetooth.
– Students form groups (up to 5) and choose their instrument.
– One bass
– One/Two drums
– One/Two Hard Rock guitars
– Practice “Smoke on the Water” as a group.
– Bandleader record and export, using same process as before. Type all group member names as you enter the assignment.

Reflection (10 minutes):
– Have students reflect on the questions using Sound Recorder and upload their podcast to Edmodo.

  • What was the best part of the week and why?
  • What was your least favorite part of the week and why?
  • How would you improve the camp?
  • Are you interested in coming back next year for another round?
  • What else would you like me to know?

Clean-up (15 minutes):
– Let the students know they can go on and download their mp3s from Edmodo if they want to save or share their work from the week.
– Have students delete all songs off GarageBand on the school iPad.
– Have students delete all sound recordings from Voice Recorder on the school iPad.
– Have students log off Edmodo on the school iPad.
– Have students delete all pictures or video off the camera roll.
– Plug in to charging stations.


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iPad music camp: Day 4 curriculum

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